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About our strengths four big advantage is ahead

Hydraulic Certification

Hydraulic Certification

● ISO9001
● CE
30 Years Of Expertise

30 Years Of Expertise

● R&D team
● 100 skilled staff
● High-quality
Reliable Factory

Reliable Factory

● Professional team
● Advanced production line
● Social responsibility
Technical Support

Technical Support

● Ongoing service
● Customized service
● Lifetime service
What we can give you:


Omni Support In The Hydraulic

Our professional technical engineers will define your design requirements, to different operating conditions, carry out specific analysis, thus initially determine the main parameters of the hydraulic system, and then draw up the hydraulic system schematic, calculate and select the hydraulic components and products, measure the performance of the hydraulic system, finally draw the relevant working drawings and prepare technical documents.

Omni Support In The Hydraulic
Delivery as scheduled

Delivery as scheduled

From Product Research and development, design, manufacturing, quality inspection, and industry standards and norms, we can give reliable support to partners. From the different hydraulic application environment analysis to the specific hydraulic plan formulation, we can let you rest assured that it operates, saves the worry to operate. From the supply of hydraulic pipes, fittings, and related hydraulic equipment, to the design and manufacture of hydraulic assembly, we have always been quality and quantity, delivery on time.






Showin Hydraulics technology research and development team have three departments, composed of more than 20 core members.

• 2 chief R&D engineers, and more than 30 years of industry experience in hydraulic applications.
• 5 chief technical engineers, more than 20 years experience in the hydraulic industry;
• 2 technical engineers;
• 4 tooling engineers;

Production management
At Showin Hydraulics, our production management team closely follows every step of production, from raw material procurement, product parameters and process review, to final delivery, in real time to communicate with customers and relevant departments in real time to ensure that each meter of hydraulic hose is in line with the customer's Delivery and quality requirements. We implement a production system of “responsibility to work, the responsibility to people”. If there are quality problems, we can achieve rapid traceability. Ensure that problems are resolved in a timely manner without affecting the overall production process and delivery.

Sales And Marketing Team

This group of people is the most interesting. Here, you can always meet the right people to provide you with the right services.

Currently, our hydraulic product sales team uses the "123" model:

• 1 leader: Management team, strategic planning;
• 2 Elite: Guarantee team performance;
• 3 Ordinary: They are experienced and focused on logistics work;
After-sales team
• Sincere reception: Initiative, enthusiasm, thoughtful and meticulous service;
• Real skill: A full range of professional technical engineer support system, really help you solve the confusion and troubles in the hydraulic field;
• Genuine accessories: Alternative hydraulic products or accessories, excellent quality, and reasonable price;
• True communication: Timely grasp user needs and improves service levels;
• True value care: Improve efficiency, reduce customer downtime; optimize processes and provide quality services;

How To Realize The Reliability Of Hydraulic Solution
The hydraulic system is widely used in the extremely hot or cold working environment. At both extreme temperatures, traditional rubber hoses undergo an accelerated aging process and fail unexpectedly after only a small fraction of their expected life.

This is why Showin Hydraulics has developed a range of connector solutions specifically designed to handle these harsh operating conditions; under these harsh conditions, you can still be assured of production and operation. These products have unique characteristics of advanced rubber compounds that resist aging while maintaining flexibility and impact resistance.

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