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    Modern hydraulic system applications require a rugged fluid connector solution that guarantees long-lasting performance. Showin Hydraulics offers a full range of hoses, fittings and assembly equipment. Welcome to join our family and choose the right hydraulic products or solutions for yourself.

    Fully Integrated Solutions

    We can design special hydraulic solutions for different applications, such as mining, oil, forestry, etc., depending on the application environment. We provide consumers with high-quality, safe and convenient hydraulic hoses and accessories to meet the hydraulic needs of users in different environments.

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    Hydraulic Solutions

    We continue to enrich the product structure, expand value-added services, all-around support of customer operations. In extremely demanding and diverse applications, we tailor our hydraulic solutions and products to suit local conditions. To help all kinds of hydraulic industry partners to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

    OEM Service

    At the same time, significant improvements have been made in the management of the entire plant to improve production efficiency and further ensure the traceability of hydraulic pipe quality control. Through a series of system upgrades, in the field of heavy earthmoving, construction, machine tools, and mining applications, to provide more reliable business partners.


    Committed to providing fluid transportation solutions for a wide range of hydraulic applications. And continue to provide the design, manufacture, and supply of related hydraulic products, spare parts, and related equipment. Delivery is just beginning.

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