What is the specific function of pneumatic quick coupling?

Pneumatic Quick Couplings are mainly used for air piping and pneumatic tools. They can be used to connect or disconnect pipes without tools. When not connected-when the ferrule of the mother body is moved to the other end, stainless steel The bead automatically rolls outward, and the child body is disconnected by the action of the spring force of the valve of the mother and the child, and the valves of the child and the mother will be closed separately, blocking the fluid flow in an instant.

Pneumatic Quick Couplings
Quick couplings are generally suitable for the connection of pneumatic pipelines, compressed air, and nitrogen. The pipelines can generally be placed in working positions that are often loaded and unloaded, such as the operation of pneumatic tools in the assembly line, and of course can also be used for hydraulic machines, chemical and marine piping Wait.

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