What is the classification and application of Hydraulic Quick Couplings?

          Hydraulic Quick Couplings are mainly used in industrial machinery and equipment. Quick couplings can help the pipeline to flow and disconnect. The classification can be divided into air quick couplings, liquid quick couplings, and gas-liquid common quick couplings. Classification, which in turn can be divided into other types.

          There are a variety of materials used to make Hydraulic Quick Couplings. Different sizes can be selected according to the use environment. However, quick connectors for liquids and quick connectors for gas have different precautions. Do not use the two when using them. In order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of work, specific quick connectors must be used in a suitable working environment.

Hydraulic Quick Couplings
          Generally speaking, specific Hydraulic Quick Couplings can only be used for specific fluids. For example, liquid type quick couplings cannot be used for media other than liquids. The pressure generated by different fluids is also different. Basically, the maximum pressure is indicated. Note that high temperature and excessive knocking may deform the quick connector when using it, so pay attention to this point.

           The gas type quick connector has the same precautions as the liquid connector. The only difference is that after using it for a period of time, you need to check that there is no air leakage in the quick connector. If so, please replace the connector as soon as possible.

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