How to choose the right Hydraulic Quick Couplings

         Want to choose a good Hydraulic Quick Couplings, you need to choose the appropriate fluid and temperature body material quick connector, body material and sealing material are different, all determine the choice of quick connector. For example, the quick connector is air. Steel is recommended. Brass or stainless steel is used for water.

         At the same time pay attention to the pressure of the fluid, it is also very important to select the quick connector according to the fluid pressure. Because of the pressure resistance characteristics of different quick joints, the corresponding quick joint structures are different.

Hydraulic Quick Couplings
         Different Hydraulic Quick Couplings have different adaptable use environments, so to choose the quick connector that is suitable for the environment, and to choose the quick connector that meets the environment, you need to have a certain understanding of the structure and material of the joint, so that you can use the environment Temperature and humidity conditions and dust conditions to consider the type and material of the selected quick connector.

It is necessary to know the model and material of the quick connector, so that the assembly shape and size of the piping characteristics can be matched.

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