About the selection skills of high pressure rubber hose

high pressure rubber hose is one of the main connecting parts in modern industrial equipment and engineering machinery, and it is more widely used in hydraulic systems. The high pressure rubber hose structure is composed of a medium-resistant inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, a steel wire reinforcement layer, and a weather-resistant and wear-resistant outer rubber layer.

The accurate selection of high pressure rubber hose is related to the normal tasks of the entire hydraulic system and the purchase cost of the enterprise. Therefore, when selecting hydraulic hoses, you should refer to the equipment maintenance manual, focusing on the following aspects:

First, select the appropriate high pressure rubber hose according to the equipment working condition (temperature) and the condition of the hydraulic medium. The high or low temperature of the high-pressure hose working condition will affect the life and pressure performance of the hose, so the hose should be used within the limit that it should reach. For systems where the task temperature is not within the limit for a long time, hose protection should be used. Set or purchase extraordinary hoses. If it is an extraordinary medium, make sure that the inner and outer layers, joints, and sealing rings of the high pressure rubber hose are compatible with the medium.

Second, determine the maximum task pressure of the high pressure rubber hose according to the pressure of the system. Each high pressure rubber hose has a maximum task pressure. The burst pressure of the high pressure rubber hose is 3-4 times the maximum task pressure. The higher the pressure resistance of the high-pressure hose, the higher the price. Therefore, according to the actual pressure of the system, choose the high pressure rubber hose The maximum task pressure can ensure the normal operation of the system and save procurement costs. If the system has a high frequency of impact pressure, a high pressure rubber hose with a higher pulse life should be selected, and the maximum task pressure of the high-pressure hose should be selected appropriately.

Third, select the inner diameter of the high-pressure hose according to the flow rate. If the diameter of the pipe is too small, the flow rate of the medium in the pipe will be increased, the system will generate heat and the efficiency will be reduced, and excessive pressure drop will occur, which will affect the function of the entire system. Excessive pipe diameter will increase procurement costs and affect the normal operation of the system, so the inner diameter of the hose should be appropriate. When the high-pressure hose needs to be fixed with a pipe clamp or the hose passes through the steel plate, pay attention to the outer diameter of the hose.

Fourth, when choosing a high-pressure hose, you should pay attention to the bending radius of the high-pressure hose. When calculating the bending radius, the crimping length of the front joint should be subtracted. If the bending radius of the installed hose is too small, it will reduce the pressure-bearing performance of the hose and reduce its service life.

Fifth, the purchase of supporting assemblies for high pressure rubber hose. According to the installation space structure of the hydraulic hose, the joint type, the angle of the joint and the assembly angle of the hose assembly should be selected reasonably.

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