A good water treatment system is inseparable from high-performance Quick Couplings

The stainless steel water treatment equipment has a long service life and is not easy to breed bacteria, meeting the needs of heat disinfection and high temperature resistance, chemical disinfection and corrosion resistance. As a result, stainless steel Quick Couplings also came into being. The quick plug connectors provided by the strength fluid expert CPC are ideal choices for connecting the dialyzer with acid, bicarbonate, reverse osmosis water and chemical waste pipelines or containers. Equipped with corresponding connectors. Realize the operation and maintenance of dialysis lines that need to be connected/disconnected frequently.

The CPC LC series metal connectors used in the dialysis water treatment system are upgraded to 316L stainless steel to meet the specific needs of the market. It not only meets the requirement of completing the quick connection of the dialysis water and the dialysis machine when the dialysis machine is working; it can also realize the quick disconnection in the non-working state; at the same time, the 316L stainless steel LCQuick Couplings can withstand the regular chemical or thermal disinfection process of the water treatment equipment ; Finally, 316L stainless steel LCQuick Couplings can perfectly match the stainless steel pipeline for dialysis water treatment, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Super heat resistance: withstand temperature up to 204 degrees Celsius

Convenient and efficient: The advantages of fast connection and disconnection save operation time

Safe and reliable: no leakage, high tightness ensures the safety of liquid transportation

Customization: Stainless steel joints are produced due to customers' customized needs

In addition to LCQuick Couplings, which can ensure the smooth operation of water treatment equipment, other series of couplings also have high-quality properties to meet the different needs of conveying liquids. The polysulfone HFC35 quick-plug connector is equipped with EPDM rubber sealing ring, which is used for large-scale raw water or reverse osmosis water pipelines. In addition to ensuring good performance when connected, it helps to quickly disconnect from the main line to realize the main line and the dialysis machine. In addition to separation, it is also used for drainage, and can be quickly disconnected when the dialysis equipment needs maintenance.

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