What should I pay attention to when using Hydraulic hose?

What details do you need to pay attention to when using Hydraulic hose? Many people are not unfamiliar with Hydraulic hose. This is a rubber hose made of rubber material specially used to transport liquids. In general, its bearing capacity is much greater than that of rubber hoses, but because of the special structure It is possible to prevent hydraulic hoses from being damaged by erosion, so applications are generally more extensive, so what are the details when using these hydraulic hoses?

Hydraulic hose
Generally speaking, when the Hydraulic hose transports materials, it is only used to transport related materials, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the hydraulic hose, so it is best not to exceed the working pressure of the hydraulic hose when it is used. The temperature of the medium conveyed by the hydraulic hose should be at the normal temperature, neither too high nor too low, otherwise the life of the hose will be shortened. Do not use hydraulic hoses with a small bending radius, otherwise bending is very easy near the joint, which will cause hydraulic transmission and transportation of materials, and may even damage the hose.

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