What are the reasons for the abnormality of Quick Couplings in use?

  Quick Couplings' hydraulic system pressure is abnormal. At this time, it is generally necessary to use a pressure gauge to measure the relevant readings, so that by virtue of the comparison of the deformity value, the hydraulic components that will definitely cause pressure abnormalities can be surely synthesized.

       If the progress is not the same, it is generally possible to adjust the diet valve, the price adjustment valve and the variable pump variable organization one by one, and the progress category value of the execution component that should be tested.

Quick Coupling
       To analyze the knowledge of hydraulic fluid mechanics using hydraulic joints, it is necessary to indicate the normal search process of hydraulic joint problems in hydraulic Quick Couplings in practice. The cavitation of hydraulic pump is generally because the pressure at the suction port of the pump is lower than the combined pressure of the gas, or the atmosphere is sucked. So that the application of energy equations and flow continuity equations can stop the synthesis of the hydraulic pump suction process

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