What are the precautions for using Hydraulic hose

Because of the messy and diverse structure of Hydraulic hoses and the diversified operating conditions, the service life of hoses depends not only on the quality but also on the proper maintenance. Therefore, the product has extremely high quality. If it can not be used and maintained correctly, it will seriously affect the quality and life of the application, and may even lead to unexpected accidents and loss of assets. Now provide the following points of application notes:

1. Hydraulic hoses and hoses are generally only used to transport the planned materials, otherwise they will reduce the service life or fail.

2. Use the length of Hydraulic hose correctly, the length of the hose changes under high pressure (-4%-+2%) and the length change caused by mechanical movement.

Hydraulic hose
3. The hose and Hydraulic hose assembly should not be used under pressure (including impact pressure) that exceeds the planned working pressure.

4. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the medium conveyed by the hose and hose assembly should not exceed -40℃-+120℃, otherwise the service life will be reduced.

5. The hose and hose assembly should not be used below the minimum bending radius of the hose, to avoid twisting or bending near the pipe joint, otherwise it will prevent hydraulic transmission and transport of materials or damage the hose assembly.

6. The hose and hose assembly should not be used under changed conditions.

7. The hose and hose assembly should be handled with care, and should not be dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, and should not be bent or flattened.

8. The hose and hose assembly should be kept clean, and the inside should be rinsed clean (especially the acid pipe, spray pipe, mortar pipe). Prevent foreign objects from entering the lumen, prevent the transport of fluids, and damage the equipment.

9. The hose and hose assembly beyond the service period or storage period shall be tested and identified for sustainable use.

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