The hydraulic hose will cause oil leakage for what reason

Hydraulic hoses bear the key application effect in many hydraulic machines. Because the effects of hydraulic oil guidance and other effects cannot be ignored, the actual use of Hydraulic hose pages in the sun may also cause oil leakage in continuous use. , So what is the reason?

1. There is a problem at the time of work. When the hydraulic machine is working, the joint part of the Hydraulic hose is broken and loose. This situation is more common. Therefore, it is generally recommended to check the joint part of the Hydraulic hose when running the hydraulic machine to avoid the appearance of the joint part. The problem caused the Hydraulic hose to leak oil.
2. The sealing part of Hydraulic hose has been aging. The hydraulic machine has seals such as oil seals and seals. These components simply produce some aging phenomena. Therefore, it is recommended that you check regularly to avoid leakage. This is also our main concern when using Hydraulic hose. local.

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