Solutions to common problems of high pressure rubber hose

Analysis and prevention shows that there are many reasons for the problems of high pressure rubber hose, and these causes and consequences are mutually supportive, and are malicious inducements in the laboratory and in actual use. high pressure rubber hose can be summarized as two factors: quality problems and system factors. System factors are determined by the composition of the system, which affect the improvement in the short term. Quality problems are characterized by clear human factors and are controlled and improved. Therefore, it can be considered that the key to removing high-pressure hose failures is the key to improving high pressure rubber hose Quality control in all aspects of manufacturing, design and use.

(1) Choose a suitable high-pressure hose host and strengthen high-pressure hose testing. The quality of high-pressure hose testing includes production, processing, inspection, testing, packaging and other aspects. The packaging of high-pressure hoses must be strictly controlled. . Standard requirements to ensure the normal use of high pressure rubber hose.

(2) Strengthen the management of the high pressure hose during the staying process, first in, first out, and pay attention to the middle high pressure hose to avoid dragging, corrosion, heat, etc. to damage the outer rubber layer, avoid heavy objects squeezing the foam, avoid excessive contamination, and affect the world The myocardium of the high pressure rubber hose.

(3) In the third-party installation and use of the high-pressure hose, follow the correct installation and assembly site to ensure the normal service life of the hose and control the quality to avoid accidental corrosion and damage to the high pressure rubber hose.

(4) Regularly inspect the quality of the high pressure rubber hose system in use, eliminate the fault in time, and avoid the loss of faults and unplanned working hours.

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