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How to distinguish the quality of high pressure rubber hose

How to distinguish the quality of thehigh pressure rubber hose? Mainly distinguished from the following points:

1. First look at the outer rubber of the high-pressure tubing to see if the surface is smooth and flat, whether there are bubbles, bumps, sponges, trachoma, etc.; when seizing, use a peeling machine to remove the rubber to see if the peeled rubber is continuous and continuous The ones are of good quality.

2. Look at the brightness of the cross section of the high pressure rubber hose from the outside, the high-brightness is the top grade, and the gel layer is better with nails to pinch the gel to have good elasticity.

3. From the cross section of the high pressure rubber hose to see whether the steel wire layer inside is uniform, it is distinguished from the diameter of the steel wire. The steel wire mesh of the hose is evenly distributed and there is no missing knitting. The thicker the diameter of the inner steel wire, the better.

4. Look at the uniformity of the tube wall thickness of the inner rubber layer and the size of the inner hole of the rubber tube, and try to distinguish it with a standard joint.

5. Through the pressure test, the national standard requires the test pressure to be 2 times the working pressure, and the burst pressure is generally 3-4 times the working pressure to qualify.

6. Poor quality high pressure rubber hose will appear: high pressure rubber hose wall thickness is uneven; steel wire braiding is too tight, too loose or the number of steel wire layers is too small; the amount of deformation of the high pressure rubber hose is large after pressurization; poor air tightness of the outer rubber layer causes the steel wire to rust; the inner layer The poor sealability of the glue makes the high-pressure oil easily enter the steel wire layer; the glue layer and the steel wire layer have insufficient adhesion. The above conditions will reduce the bearing capacity of the high pressure rubber hose, and eventually burst at the weak point of the tube wall.

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