How can Quick Couplings be improved if they want to turn at will?

         Quick Couplings are a kind of joints that can be connected or disconnected without tools. Generally, these joints can be divided into quick joints for air, quick joints for oxygen fuel gas, quick joints for gas and liquid, quick joints for oil pressure, inert Quick connector for gas, quick connector for cooling water temperature oil, semiconductor quick connector, etc. However, the installation and disassembly of the Quick Couplings currently used is not convenient, and the sealing performance is not good. Therefore, after the installation, the pipe body cannot be turned arbitrarily.
   If you want to achieve any steering, you need to meet the joint of the joint pipe body through the rotary connector thread interface, and the other end of the joint pipe body is connected to the concave sleeve ring interface through the rotary connector. In general, the advantages of the improved quick coupling are that it can be quickly installed, simple and smart, convenient and convenient to disassemble, and has better sealing performance, so the tube body can be turned at any time during installation.

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