Characteristics and applications of hydraulic hose

When the bending radius of the hose is smaller than the minimum bending radius, the actual pressure resistance capacity of the hose gradually decreases. For example, when the bending radius drops to half of the specified hose, the actual use pressure of the hose is only 0.3 times the rated pressure. The performance of the hose is greatly reduced, and there may even be a danger of blasting at the bending point!
In actual application, it is very necessary to choose a hose suitable for on-site working conditions. We recommend that you use super flexible hoses for compact occasions. Here we will summarize the characteristics of super flexible hoses:

1: Smaller bending radius

2: The outer diameter of the hose is small

3: The weight is lighter than the same grade SAE standard pipe

4: Reduced bending force

5: Longer pulse life
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