About the benefits of using Quick Couplings

Why use quick couplings? What are the advantages of quick couplings? Let's take a look at the following.

Quick Couplings

Time-saving and labor-saving: When the oil circuit is disconnected through the Quick Couplings, the action is simple, saving time and effort. High fuel consumption and fuel efficiency: Quick Couplings, a single valve can close the oil circuit, oil does not flow out, avoiding oil pressure loss, environmental protection: quick coupling disconnects and connects, oil will not leak, and protect the environment.

The equipment is divided into zero and easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be carried are transported separately with quick connectors, and then assembled and used after arriving at the destination. Economical: All these advantages create economic value for customers.

Depending on the fluid, the corresponding valve body material and sealing material are also different. For example, the Quick Couplings is air. If it is water, it is recommended that the steel be made of brass or stainless steel. Fluid pressure is also the key to choosing a Quick Couplings. The hydraulic Quick Couplings is 5.0MPa (51 kgf/cm?) 68.6 MPa (700 kgf/cm)? They form a series, corresponding to the compression characteristics, and the structure of the Quick Couplings is also different.

Combined with humid conditions, dust conditions and corrosive environments, the type of Quick Couplings, valve body material and sealing material were selected. Please indicate the type and material of the Quick Couplings, and indicate the assembly shape and size corresponding to the characteristics of the pipe joint. Please note that the size is related to the fluid flow.

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